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MGB Roadster project

Quite often owners ask if we can “tidy their car up a little”. It is important to understand what they have in mind and discuss the options.
This particular MGB roadster was such a case. The body work was in reasonable condition but some of the paintwork was tired. The wings and doors were a slight miss match of colour. The bonnet had splits in the paint and some impact damage. The boot lid had mirco blisters (small pin pricks of rust coming up through the paint.
It was time to remove the original paint, prime and repaint. The first job is to remove all the paint to get back to the metal. This is necessary to rectify the problems below the paint, remove the many layers of old paint which will cause problems later and to aquire a good "Key" for the new primer prior to the colour coat.

Recent Work upon MGB. largeseat

Recent Work upon MGB. MGB Seatsdone

For the driver`s comfort and view point refurbishing the seats, carpets and some of the trim made a great improvement. Changing everything for new does not always work and we deliberately left some of the original parts in place to retain the vehicles patina and identity
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