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LED lights FITTING to Classic Cars. also see page - problems with LED

When planning to fit LED lights to your Classic there are a few points to consider.
1/ Purchase from a recognisable supplier who is an expert in LED bulbs. Do not cross refrence your bulb type to the LED equivalent and buy these.
Do not buy from a supplier who simply lists bulb sets suitable for a range of cars. The chances of getting the correct items is slim. The bulb might fit the holder but the lens cover might crush the LED tree when you fit it on (because its too long). The bulb fits and works fine but throws an orange light through my red brake light lens.

Below is a picture of a bulb hold with LED bulbs fitted. Note the top indicator bulb has a forward facing lens upon its end to focus the light forward. Also note this bulb is quite short and will fit under a lower lens cover.The lower bulb is a side light bulb. See the multi LED panels upon it which sends the light in all directions (as opposed to the other bulb).

LED lights fitting to Classic Car. LED1

2/Check that the LED bulb will work with the polarity of your car i.e. positive or negative earth (battery lead).

LED lights fitting to Classic Car. LED2

3/ Purchase LED bulbs that throw the same colour light as the lens they are going to fit into i.e. red for rear lights or orange for traffic indicators. This is because a white LED is that bright it distorts the colour of the cover lens. A red cover can appear orange etc. White LED back lights for a Classic car dash board look “just wrong”. A softer coloured off-white light is available.
Below is the same bulb holder with lens cover fitted.

LED lights fitting to Classic Car. LEDcover

4/ Indicators and hazard warning lights flash intermittently because they are electrically fed via a “flasher unit”. This is a type of switch which operates only under a particular electrical load. LED`s require a very small electrical current to light up. This current is not enough to cause the conventional flasher unit to work – so the new LED indicator bulbs will not flash on and off. You will have to replace the indicator flasher unit and a hazard flasher unit (if your car is fitted with hazard warning lights) for a specific LED unit supplied from your expert.
Be prepared to be dazzled. These do show up and are of value in poor weather or for the modern traffic conditions.

LED lights fitting to Classic Car. LEDlights

5/ Do not replace your ignition warning bulb with an LED. This will cause your charging system to be inoperative. There are ways around this.

6/ Do not replace your headlight bulbs with LED because they are not designed for your vehicle and can be problematic to you and other drivers.

7/ Daylight running lights as an extra might look out of place upon a Classic but are easy to fit and might save someone running into your pride and joy.

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