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MGB GT Restorations have been dominate of late. Triumph TR3 dash boards and TR6 rear ends !

This last 12 months has seen more MGB GT cars in the workshop than any other type of classic. There was a time when the GT was not that well respected, particularly the later Rubber bumper cars. With three major restorations of these vehicles in a row and their market price rising it appears that these are now accepted by the majority as a desirable Classic.

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They do suffer from rust particularly along the top of their wing beading. The one illustrated received major attention to its bodywork followed by a repaint. The owner wished to have Chrome bumpers fitted at the same time. This is quite an involved job if done in its entirety. The front wings have to be cut and modified to take the earlier form of side lights and the rear wings also require modification.
My Triumph TR6 customers keep their machines up together with replacement U/J drive shaft joints and injectors being a common requirement.

The above MGB GT is the finished Rubber bumper to Chrome bumper conversion.

We have had two Triumph TR3A`s in the workshop so far this year. One came in to have its dash board panel re-trimmed. The centre of the TR3A was originally finished in a black crinkle paint. Below are some before and after pictures.

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