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After the cars leave our workshop who knows what the owners
do with them until pictures are on the Web this one of ours upon the Exeter Trial

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PAGE 1 The Lands End Trial

The Motor Cycle Club (M.C.C.) ran the London to Lands End Trial,this Easter. If you missed it, tough luck, it was the best event for years.
230 cars and 140 motor bikes of every type, age and description took part. Hundreds of marshals and thousands of spectators stood aside as the field of entry attempted one of England's oldest and greatest challenges for man and machine.

The leisurely route from the start led us through the Somerset flood plain to the highest Inn upon Exmoor, which was a rest halt. The clear night sky lit by a full moon threw shadows in the courtyard as most of us drank copious amounts of hot coffee. Leaving this almost magical atmosphere we set off across the moor, in the direction of Cornwall.

On route there are observed special sections, which must be driven or ridden up without stopping. Each special section is a track or natural route way that is challenging if not extreme. A competitor competes against The Club upon a series of sections located upon the route.

The weather was glorious and the ground dry, affording lots of grip. Section after section we climbed - this was a "Pay back" year and the competitors looked like having the advantage over the club.It soon became apparent that each section was becoming more difficult than the previous one.
Hoskins Hill, near Bodmin saw car after car failing. Our first time passenger believed that the way out of the section was to come back down it. Not so, the idea was to drive up it and out of the top - a demonstration was called for. Using all the engine revs. that could be found, much wheel spinning, smoke, bouncing and shouting, helped us to crawl to the top, retaining our unblemished record.

Bude sea front enabled holiday visitors to see both modern vehicles and museum pieces being driven or ridden to their limits. A cordoned off area with markers to navigate around saw much tyre smoke, wheel spinning and tail drifting. The crowd was entertained for hours.

This years event had an unfamiliar section in it called Bishops Wood. The quite innocuous forest track contained somewhat of a launch ramp half way up it. As a competitor, to drive too slow risks losing momentum and too fast can get you into trouble. This section saw many bikes and cars airborne due to over zealous competitors (yours truly included).

The sting in the tail of the Lands End Trial is Blue Hills Mine. A section synonymous with the event and the last to be attempted. Everyone's first view of this rocky track perched upon the edge of Cornwall's north coast, stays with him or her forever. From sea level to the horizon, a vertical panorama of dust and rocks confined within a narrow lane bounds the edge of a sharply rising cliff face. Our first time passenger "Paul", like many before him uttered in disbelief - we are not going up there - are we?

This Easter, Blue Hills was as it always has been to members of the MCC - the challenge of their life and a place many regard as The Clubs home. Did we make it to the top? Had you been there you would have seen.

The event finished at a hotel in Newquay, which had a sea view and reasonably priced accommodation. The sea view you would die for - few places in the world can match this. The following day I sat in the comfort of an armchair watching the Atlantic rollers sweeping up the golden sandy beach. What will next years event have in store for me?

This trial is open to all riders and drivers who ever you are. A class for novices or more mature competitors/machines, runs upon a less demanding route, may be a good starting point. Marshalling the event can be cold but fun, as the action unfolds before you. Rest assured you would see the good the bad and the ugly. Our passenger Paul is all fired up to start Trialing -- I knew it was a mistake to take him.

The 5th GEAR program followed the exploits of their own presenters upon the MCC Exeter Trial. The viewing of this program resulted in an increase of Classic car entrance in 2009
Jonathan Laver.

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Organised motor events upon grass
can be a load of fun but you have
to look where your going.

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U. K. Motor Sport - for all ?
Somewhere between the chair you're sat in now and the cockpit of an F1 car there is a place for you in motor sport.

The stereotype view of Motor Sport is Racing or Rallying. There are many forms of motor sport, few of which are heard of most never seen. For example the letter "T" in the list could stand for:- Trials for cars & motorbikes, Production car trials, classic reliability trials, testing trials, regularity trials, time trials sporting trials etc.

Another belief is that the sport is expensive. The majority of people compete with vehicles that cost far less than the average road car, in events that cost under £50. Grass roots motor sport is an event, which enables you to find your limits safely, gives you a day out and change from £25 (e.g. AutoTest, P.C.T., treasure hunt, navigational rally etc.)

Behind the competitors comes a vast team of supporters - a navigator who might tell the driver which traffic cone to drive around in a car park or how to get to Monte Carlo. Marshals, who out number competitors and are the team that makes it a possible. Fancy a go - getting up early, getting wet, eating bacon rolls, having a brilliant day out and seeing all the action for free (that's just one aspect of a marshals job).

There appears to be many routes into motor sport.
Tuition days are an expensive experience but are of little ongoing valve. Track Days are "High Risk" to both you and the vehicle. Driving around a race circuit in traffic, probably with other inexperienced drivers, on their limits is not a good introduction.

There are car clubs and motor clubs - the first cater for a type of car ownership (i.e. M.G.) the latter for a type of person. Although most car clubs organise some events, it is your local motor club that organises motor events upon a regular basis.

Each motor club has a bias in the type of events it organises due to its geographical location, history and group interest. Join one or more clubs and do the events you like. Better still, watch an event and then find out which club puts it on.

All U.K. motor sport is controlled by the RAC. Every year the RAC BLUE BOOK lists all current rules, regulations, clubs, event dates & fixtures. Who ever you are, as a member of a motor club you will have all the help and advice needed and a lot more besides.

Below are some sites worth a visit. MSA have a section for those new to Motor Sport but there is nothing like talking to a friendly local club member.

MSA Motorsport UK motorsport
My club The MCC My club The MCC
Car Trials club Car Trials Club

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