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Triumph TR3A engine bay.

This TR has a rather grubby engine bay and the owner wanted it "Cleaned up a bit ?"

Recently completed work. TR3enginebay1

Recently completed work. 3a1

With rain water coming through into the car its time to have a closer look

Recently completed work. 3abattery1

Removing the battery reveals some large rust holes

Drilling out the spot welds to remove the old box. This method limits the damage to the rest of the area.

Recently completed work. 3a3

A new box is welded in place using weld through primer

The picture shows the new box in place and the repaired area covered in a temporary coving of primer to prevent rusting.

Recently completed work. 3abattery4

With all the old paint removed both the new and old metal is painted

Removal of the old paint took some time before priming and colour coating both the bulk head and inner wings.

Recently completed work. 3a6

Fitting up with refurbished parts sets off the engine bay.

Recently completed work. 3a7

With the master cylinders removed these were refurbished.

The engine bay was completely stripped out with the exception of the engine. When refitting we rewired and replaced water hoses.

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