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We have been involved in the Servicing and Restoration of MG & Triumph Classics for over 35 years. Beside details of our business you will find some advice upon fitting or not fitting LED lights, reliability issues form batteries going flat to breakdowns. Phone us should you require advice about the purchase of a car or issues with one. We don`t know all the answers but will help if we can.

2018 Update regarding the fitment of LED lights to Classic Cars

2018 My Battery keeps going flat - help page

2018 TR6 heatwave problems

We service vehicles, MOT tests, Tune, do panel work, welding , MG Restoration and TR Restoration Work

We Tune SU Carburettors.

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Wiltshire U.K. Est. 35 years

The above British Classic Sports Car, a Triumph TR3A we restored for a customer and it was awarded 2nd place in the TR International Concours (as picture).
Perhaps you have a TR or MG that you would like us to give the once over.
No two cars perform the same way and each has different handling characteristics. It is only through years of driving many TR and MG sports cars under all sorts of conditions, that we are able to advise you what is best for you and your car restoration repair or just an adjustment. It might be a simple matter of repositioning the seats mounting within “your” car, so that it is comfortable to drive. Perhaps we think your MGB performs like a Morris 1000. Points like this are second nature to us. We are here so that you may enjoy your car to the full.

We specialise in recommissioning British Classic Sports Cars.

SEE our new Help Page for "Classic Car LED ignition light problems". CLICK HERE

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WE are a traditional garage which over the last 30 years has repaired, restored and looked after hundreds of beautiful British Classic Sports Cars for their owners.

MOT tests are not required in the UK upon pre 1960 vehicles BUT it is better to have someone look over your car than thinking everything will be fine. In the event of an accident some record is better than no record.

For any questions relating to MG Restoration or Triumph TR restoration UK Phone 01985 840499 Daytime or an answerphone for out of hours or Email us.Click Here


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